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Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Our SEND information report can be found here


At Crabtree Schools we firmly believe in inclusion for all. The school’s revised Inclusion Policy, based on the 2014 SEN Code of Practice can be found here.


The principles underlying the Code are that there should be:

  • Provision for SEND pupils that ensures appropriate scaffolding and adjustments for all learning
  • Careful monitoring of academic and social progress
  • Regular reviews of actions taken and adjustments made - and how they have impacted learning.


The overriding aim of the Inclusion Policy is to promote achievement and success for all.  We believe that all children are entitled to access to the entire curriculum.


Where SEND is identified, the class teacher, SENDCo and parents/carers will discuss how we can provide our best support and what adjustments can be made. Diagnoses should be shared and discussed –along with any additional reports that have been sought. Parental involvement is crucial: effective communication between school and home is key to ensuring that each child’s needs are best met. This page explains more about the role of a SENDCo: Getting help at school from your SENCO (


Crabtree Schools operate within a policy of equal opportunity for the whole school community.  In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, the school has an Accessibility Plan to ensure all pupils have full access to the school curriculum. 

We encourage parents to keep us informed of any reason why their children’s progress may be hindered and we work with parents to develop ways to support their children in their learning.



If you have a child with special educational needs and/or a disability, or you are concerned that your child may have special education needs, the website below offers lots of information about services and support networks that are available to you. It also gives information about local events and things you can do with your child.



Services for parents, carers and families (  This page shares links to many different types of support for parents and carers of children with SEND. The page includes information on support groups, mental health, parenting courses and how to access services such as SENDIASS


The school may work with outside agencies for support. Some of these may include:


LINKS- support for pro-social learning behaviours: outreach workers come in and may observe whole classes or work 1:1 with a child. They will consider with them their choices in how they can learn and interact with the school; what the school could also do to help; and try to boost confidence and self-esteem.


Speech, Language, Communication and Autism Team (previously known as the CATS team): may help identify how we can create a more supportive learning environment or to suggest strategies for children who may be struggling in school. Children do not always need a diagnosis of Autism to access this support.

Speech, Language, Communication and Autism Team (SLCA) (


Collett School Outreach Team: a representative from this local Special Education School may be able to come into school and help us to identify how to improve the teaching and learning environment for SEND children.


Harpenden Partnership Plus: family support workers and intensive family support workers to help support families for more than just coming to school. When a family asks for more support, we can reach out to ask them for help; counselling or Protective Behaviour sessions. They are based at Sauncey Wood, so are a very local service.

HARPENDEN PARTNERSHIP PLUS | sauncey-wood-primary (


If your child is finding it hard to come to school, please do come and talk with us. This page is also, however, designed to help parents whose children’s attendance is low due to anxiety, and has advice on how to support them and where to go for help. We are always here to listen and support so please do get in touch.

If your child is too anxious to go to school (


Further SEND services can be found here: Contact a SEND service ( This page has contact details of the different SEND services, including details of Advice Line for EPs, the SLCA team, the SpLD team and others.


Recent diagnosis or new to SEND? Look at: New to SEND ( This page has information and advice for families whose children may have recently been diagnosed with SEND, or have suspected SEND.


 Further information to help explain SEND:


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